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The landscape for labor, tax and payroll compliance is always shifting. At TEAM, we keep our eye on these topics because we know how challenging it can be to stay informed. We understand how important (and challenging) it is for janitorial and security contractors to stay in compliance. And, we know how costly noncompliance can be. That’s why we’re bringing you an updated list of compliance trends for you to follow.

Workplace Regulations for Nursing Mothers

What’s going on?

In 2018, both California and New York City provided additional legislation at the state and city level to support the needs of nursing mothers. The intent of the state and local mandate is to augment the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) legislation that was enacted in 2010.

This legislation focuses on offering the amount of time and breaks needed by nursing mothers as well as the physical space that must be available to pump breast milk. The trend is that a lactation space must be a private room and not a bathroom. Legislation also covers the duration of the right to pump, which can be up to three years following the birth of her child.

What does this mean for you?

Many companies are using staff scheduling to support the lactation mandate along with meal and rest breaks. Most jobs in service-related industries, especially in security companies, can’t be un-staffed, so businesses have started scheduling lunches and breaks to ensure they can cover the breaks and work area. Scheduling and time and attendance software can help manage the staffing challenges that come along with these labor mandates, from ensuring coverage through smart scheduling practices to providing meal and rest break notifications and audit trails.


Legal Medical Marijuana Use

What’s going on?

While all recreational and medical marijuana use is still illegal under federal law, many states are facing a new discussion around how to handle medical marijuana use in relation to employment law. Medical marijuana is not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – yet. However, many state employment laws are changing to accommodate the legal use of medical marijuana. The most recent state changes are coming from California, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The key component to most of these laws is whether reasonable accommodations can be provided without jeopardizing the ability of the employer to maintain a safe and productive workplace.


What does this mean for you?

From an employer’s perspective, the most significant change to the law may be the addition of explicit permissions to take medical marijuana use into consideration when the applicant or employee holds, or will hold, a position with safety-sensitive job duties. We recommend reviewing your company’s drug testing policy on an ongoing basis to be prepared for future legislation in your state, especially if you operate in one of the 46 states where some form of medical marijuana has already been legalized.

This article highlights two of the U.S. labor, tax and payroll compliance updates we’re watching right now. For the other four, download our free Compliance eBook.

TEAM Software is dedicated to ensuring our software solutions meet the ever-changing compliance needs of our customers. While we’re committed to keeping you informed, it’s important to do your own research, and consult your own legal and tax advisors when necessary, too. Continue to use industry resources such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Payroll Association (APA) to stay informed on all compliance updates.

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