Training Materials

CALSAGA offers training curriculum for both PPO and PSE officers that comply with AB 2880 and SB 666 state-mandated initial and continuing education requirements.

A full list of the BSIS Security Officer Training Requirements and Security Officer Fact Sheet can be found here:

Security Officer Fact Sheet

Security Officer Training Regulation

Purchase Training Materials Directly From CALSAGA

Keeping your officers current with training requirements is easier than ever with our Security Officer Training Program. We are currently in the process of updating our Training Modules.  We will be rolling out updated materials throughout 2017.  Announcements on available training modules for purchase will be available shortly.

Members Receive A 25% Discount EVERYTIME You Purchase CALSAGA Materials

Whether you are offering initial training for an officer to receive a guard card, or ordering one continuing education module at a time, you will ALWAYS receive 25% off of your entire order as a CALSAGA member.

Track Your Officers’ Training On Our Online Database

As a PPO or PSE, it is YOUR responsibility to employ officers that are current with their training requirements. As a benefit of your membership, you will have 24/7 access to our free online membership training database where you can enter officer training as they complete it and even view training that they have done with previous employers.

Members Can Print CALSAGA Training Certificates For Your Records

CALSAGA makes it easy to keep record of your officers’ completed training. Simply enter their completed training into the CALSAGA database, and print their serialized certificates for hard copy records.