Security PAC

The CALSAGA Security Political Action Committee (PAC) is truly the lifeline of the association’s influence in the California political game. While raising funds for the PAC is the overall objective, increased participation by members that may have never contributed before or are not really sure what the PAC represents is the larger focus and goal.

We Participate In The Political Process

Since 2006, CALSAGA has made over $300,000 in political contributions to legislators that support our industry. Make no mistake about it, many of those targeting our industry are among the most  politically powerful organizations in California. Moving forward, it will be imperative that we continue to have a strong and active Security PAC to ensure that our industry remains a key player in statewide politics.

Your Participation is Vital To Industry Success

Participating in the PAC demonstrates that you are committed to the industry and value the successes of the Security PAC’s political contributions. While raising money is the ultimate goal for the PAC, CALSAGA is unlike other organizations in that there is no minimum contribution and all participants are treated as equal participants, regardless of the donation amount. We track our success based on our participation rates as a whole, so please help us increase our percentage and donate what you can today!

To make a one-time contribution over the phone or to set up monthly withdrawal contributions, please contact Roy Rahn at 916.930.0552 or