Order AB 2880 Training Materials

CALSAGA Training Modules are available for purchase exclusively to CALSAGA members. Purchases may be made through the CALSAGA Member Portal.

Modules will be sold according to your company size. This entitles you to a downloadable copy of the course module (Presentation, Instructor’s Guide, Test and Answer Key).

Modules will be available for a period of one year to CALSAGA Members only.

Initial One-Year Access:
$500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1-20 officers)
$600 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 21-50 officers)
$750 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 51 to 150 officers
$1500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 151-250 officers)
$2000 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 251- 500 officers)
$2500 (501 to 1000 officers)
$3000 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1001+ officers)
ASSOC / PSTF – $1500 Initial Payment

Your subscription to the CALSAGA Training Modules is automatically renewed annually for a fee of (year 2 and beyond):
Renewal Fees for Year Two and Beyond:
$100 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1-20 officers)
$100 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 21-50 officers)
$150 (51 to 150 officers)
$250 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 151-250 officers)
$300 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 251-500 officers)
$400 (501 to 1000 officers)
$500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1001+ officers)
$300 Subscription Rate ASSOC / PSTF

Modules are typically updated annually.

You may not share any CALSAGA Training Materials with other facilities without the express written consent of CALSAGA. Publishing CALSAGA materials to any website is strictly prohibited. All prior materials may not be up to date and will no longer be sold.

Courses Included:
II.A Public Relations (Community & Customer)
II.B Observation & Documentation
II.C Communication and its Significance
II.D Liability/Legal Aspects

Elective Courses
III.A Post Orders & Assignments
III.B Company Policies/ Orientation
III.C Evacuation Procedures
III.D Officer Safety
III.E Arrest, Search & Seizure
III.F Access Control
III.G Trespass
III.J Handling Difficult People
III.K Work Place Violence
III.L Chemical Agents
III.M Preserving the Incident Scene
III.N Crowd Control
III.O Driver Safety
III.P Supervision
III.Q Courtroom Demeanor
III.R Parking and Traffic Control
III.S Radio Procedures

To purchase, login in to your CALSAGA Account at: https://calsaga.org/login and click on the TRAINING tab.

Contact kwallace@calsaga.org or kris@calsaga.org for assistance.