Kwantek Team

For 15 years, Kwantek has served the recruiting needs of thousands of companies across the nation. Most of our clients have a need to fill low-paying, hourly jobs. They use our applicant tracking software to post these jobs en masse across multiple job boards and take advantage of our seamless onboarding process once hired.

A natural byproduct of these types of these jobs is poor employee retention. After monitoring the pre and post-hire process for over 1,000,000 security and building services jobs, we’ve been able to identify three critical pieces of data for these industries that directly correlate retention back to the interview process:

1) 50% of scheduled interviews will ever show up for the interview.

2) Over 90% of interviewees are offered jobs in the interview process.

3) Over 40% of new hires make it past 30 days of employment.

In this five-part blog series, we will discuss the critical stages of the pre-hire process and how you can make simple adjustments that will help you reduce your retention rate.

Blog #1: Who’s Interviewing Who? A Counter-Intuitive Approach to the Hiring Process

Blog #2: The Most Important Person in the Interview Process

Blog #3: The True Goal of the Phone Screen

Blog #4: How to Modify Your Job Application to Increase Applicant Volume

Blog #5: Mastering Messaging in Your Recruiting Process

Perfecting the Pre-Hire Process Webinar

If you’ve found this series helpful, we invite you to watch a replay of our webinar where we went even more in-depth on each phase of the pre-hire process. Join our CEO, Collie King, as he dissects each stage of the applicant funnel to help you identify which parts of the process you need to improve.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How to leverage your pre-hire process as a key strategy in scaling your business.
  2. Which numbers to track in your pre-hire process and why.
  3. How to build trust with applicants and make them want to work for you.
  4. How to generate more applicants, more interviews, and more accepted offers.