From Complexity to Clarity: Clearing the Hurdles of Payroll

Jordan Wallach, Belfry Software, Associate Member

Handling payroll in the security industry is notoriously complicated.

Each contract is different, with pay rates that could change based on site, time of day, overtime & holidays, qualifications, and more. This variability makes the payroll process very challenging and time-consuming.

Most security firms use several different systems to manage payroll, which means data must be moved manually from one system to another — one for scheduling, one for tracking time, another for processing payroll. This not only raises the chances of making mistakes but also takes a lot of time. Payroll teams find themselves spending days managing what should be straightforward tasks, from verifying hours worked against shifts to ensuring compliance with ever-changing labor laws.

These problems can have a big impact. Payroll errors can lead to dissatisfaction among officers, potentially increasing turnover in an industry where reliability and trust are key. Moreover, the time consumed by manual processes detracts from more strategic activities that could enhance client relationships and operational effectiveness.

It’s clear that a single, connected system would be a huge help. A system that smoothly links scheduling, time tracking, and payroll within the same experience would cut out unnecessary steps and mistakes. By automating these processes, companies could focus more on growing and providing excellent service, making sure their back office helps rather than holds back their business goals.

This is where Belfry comes in. Our all-in-one software platform changes how payroll is managed in the security industry. By bringing together everything from scheduling and time tracking to payroll and billing, Belfry offers a complete solution that effortlessly handles the industry’s complexities.

Our system not only cuts down payroll processing time from days to just a few hours — but also ensures accuracy and compliance, allowing security companies to focus on their main job: protecting and serving their clients.

Jordan Wallach is the Co-Founder and CEO of Belfry, the modern operating system for security guard services companies and a CALSAGA Member. Prior to founding Belfry, Jordan was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and a Product Manager at Microsoft, building software used by millions of people worldwide. He has a bachelor’s degree in Data Science from Stanford University.