Ensuring Pay Data Reporting Compliance Through Technology

Jeff DiDomenico, Trackforce Valiant + TrackTik, Network Partner

California employers must take note of new legislation around employee pay data that could come with fines if they don’t comply. Back in 2020, California required employers with 100 or more employees to report certain pay data to the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) each year. In 2022, the law was amended and expanded to update the filing requirements and now includes civil penalties for noncompliance. In fact, employers need to report their 2023 employee pay data to the state no later than May 8, 2024, or else they face the possibility of civil penalties of $100 per employee, with the penalties increasing to $200 per employee for each subsequent failure to report.

Employers have an obligation to calculate the mean and median hourly rates of employees among these reportable categories: establishment location, job category, race/ethnicity, & sex. For an FAQ document with specific instructions on how to properly calculate pay data according to the CRD, click here.

For security employers still tracking payroll and employee records manually, reporting on employee pay data for the CRD might become a challenge. However, with security workforce management technology, these data records can be auto generated and easily pulled within seconds. Keep track of pay data records across multiple site locations, guard certifications and job categories with access to employee records at your fingertips.

With the right technology tools in place, employers can meet compliance requirements with ease, generating the necessary MS Excel spreadsheets to adhere to CRD pay data reporting laws.

Tracking employee pay data through a security workforce management solution is not only beneficial for compliance concerns but also for ensuring accurate payroll and that employees are being paid fairly based on their responsibilities, skills, and hours worked. Easily track all pay variances for security guards like multiple pay rates for overtime, training, or travel time. To discover more strategies employers like you can use to reduce state and federal compliance payroll risks, download your copy of our Guide to Calculating Multiple Pay Rates for Security Guards.


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