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The Californian 2022 Q3 – “Sit Down And Be Counted!” – Court Reiterates Duty To Provide Suitable Seating

“SIT DOWN AND BE COUNTED!” – Court Reiterates Duty To Provide Suitable Seating Barry A. Bradley, Esq., Managing Partner, Bradley, Gmelich + Wellerstein, CALSAGA Legal Advisor In California, an employee is entitled to use a seat while working if the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of a seat. An employer is required, in that […]

The Californian 2022 Q3 – Best Practices for Intake and Onboarding

BEST PRACTICES FOR INTAKE AND ONBOARDING Simplifying paperwork, avoiding liability, and more best practices for today’s hiring climate. Nina “Nine” De Forge, Agency Relations Manager, TEAM Software by WorkWave Between employment contracts, payroll and benefits forms, handbooks and standard operating procedure information, and emergency contact forms (to name a few), the onboarding process of a […]

The Californian 2022 Q3 – Is Inflation to Blame for Rising Security Firm Insurance Premiums?

IS INFLATION TO BLAME FOR RISING SECURITY FIRM INSURANCE PREMIUMS? Tory Brownyard, Brownyard Group In California gas prices have risen above five dollars a gallon. Food banks are experiencing extraordinary demand. Mortgage rates, housing prices, residential rent and even home repair and replacement costs are soaring. For many Americans, this historic rate of inflation has […]