Tony Unfried, CSA360

We have a new drought among the security industry… It is a staffing drought. Finding new staff has been harder than ever. According to LinkedIn there are over 53,000 jobs available in the US. For various (some valid) reasons, not many people are eager to return to work. Lowering your turnover and improving retention is more important now than ever. Here is how you can help solve staffing gaps.

Art of Incentives
People are competitive by nature and nothing like a friendly competition to motivate your team. Using the art of incentives can be one of the best kept secret methods to encourage your team. This can be your secret weapon to keep your security team motivated. Perhaps finding a good scheduling software that can track this is a good idea.

Having transparency within your staff is easier said than done. From knowing the availability of your staff to how they are performing can be difficult. It is a definite must. While having fun, positive incentives are great. It has been proven that people perform better when they know they are being watched and critiqued based on their work performance. Reward the employees who are always on time by giving them the better shifts or their preferred shift or the best positions. While you can keep track of this with a spreadsheet that can become a bit tedious, it is recommended you read into security software which can automate this process.

HR Software
It is nearly impossible to know everyone on your staff’s schedule. You’re only human after all. One thing recommended to help you be on top of your staff is investing in guard scheduling software. It can allow your employees to input their availability. Scheduling software can offer you valuable insights that will help you keep track of who is on time and who is making all the guard tour checkpoints. This can help increase employee transparency.

Keeping your staff engaged and motivated can be easier said than done but make sure you’re setting clear goals and expectations. Keeping things transparent within your staff. Once goals are met give a reward. This will help keep your security staff motivated and help solve staffing gaps.

Tony Unfried, CEO of CSA360, holds a master’s degree in Public Affairs and Criminal Justice from Indiana University, where he graduated with honors. While enrolled in his master’s program, Tony worked for The TJX Companies, Inc., leading the region in loss prevention and moving the company toward technology use in Security. Tony went on to join the most significant security company in Indiana, managing more than 500 employees and 50 sites, including the Indiana Convention Center, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Seeing a noticeable gap in technology use in the physical security sector, Tony created his first security software application, launched at the Super Bowl in 2012, and recognized twice for Excellence in Mobile Technology by Techpoint. Tony has also spoken on Tech in Physical Security on panels with ASIS and IAVM.