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With the changes that are happening in society regarding the “Me too” movement and the subsequent litigation surrounding the allegations, it does not surprise me that California legislators passed Senate Bill 1343, effective January 1, 2019.

The current law requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide at least 2 hours of prescribed training and education regarding sexual harassment, abusive conduct, and harassment based upon gender, as specified, to all supervisory employees within 6 months of their assumption of a supervisory position and once every 2 years, as specified.

The new law reduces the 50 employee trigger and now requires an employer who employs 5 or more employees, including temporary or seasonal employees, to provide at least 2 hours of sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees and at least one hour of sexual harassment training to all nonsupervisory employees by January 1, 2020, and once every 2 years thereafter, as specified.

Here is a brief summary of the new bill:

1. All employers with 5 or more employees, including temporary or seasonal, must provide all employees in a supervisory role a minimum of 2hrs of sexual harassment training (this does not include bullying, which is required and is in addition to the minimum 2hr requirement).

2. All employers with 5 or more employees, including temporary or seasonal, must provide all employees in a NON supervisory role a minimum of 1hr of sexual harassment training.

3. The period in which this is to be accomplished is 1/1/2020, if the employee is currently employed.
a. for new employees in supervisory or non supervisory positions, the training must be conducted at time of hire or within 6 months of hire
b. for employees entering a new, supervisorial role, the training must be conducted within 6 months of their new role
c. for temporary, seasonal or employees hired to work less than 6 months, the training must be conducted within 30 days of hire or 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first.

4. Training for both the minimum 2 hour training for supervisors and the minimum 1 hour training for non-supervisory employees must continue every 2 years, thereafter.

5. Post-training documentation must be retained for 10 years, irrespective of the employee’s employment status with the company.

6. The bill also requires DFEH (dept. of fair employment and housing) to develop or obtain and post 1hr and 2hr online courses. An employer will have the option to conduct online training or classroom setting training.

7. All employers must make sure that their sexual harassment policy is in line with the current policy revision of 04/01/2016.

8. The new sexual harassment policy requirements which went into effect on 04/01/16 in part require that you discuss your policy at time of hire and or during a new hire orientation.

9. Another requirement is that you provide each employee with a copy of your policy with an acknowledgement form for them to sign stating that they have received, read and understand your policy.

10. An often overlooked regulation that took effect in 2018 requires that employers display a poster regarding transgender rights prepared by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.Below is a link to more details of SB 1343:

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