The refreshed CALSAGA catalog of training materials are now available for purchase!

AB2880 Compliant and BSIS Approved


II.A Public Relations (Community & Customer)

II.B Observation & Documentation

II.C Communication and its Significance

II.D Liability/Legal Aspects

Elective Courses

III.A Post Orders & Assignments

III.B Company Policies/ Orientation

III.C Evacuation Procedures

III.D Officer Survival

III.E Arrest, Search & Seizure

III.F Access Control

III.G Trespass

III.H Criminal Laws

III.J Handling Difficult People

III.K Work Place Violence

III.L Chemical Agents

III.M Preserving the Incident Scene

III.N Crowd Control

III.O Driver Safety

III.P Supervision

III.Q Courtroom Demeanor

III.R Parking & Traffic Control

III.S Radio Procedures

You talked and we listened.

In July, we announced proposed pricing for the updated training materials. Thank you to the members who provided us with valuable feedback. Our Training Committee and Board of Directors took your input into consideration; please see the revised pricing structure below.

Initial One-Year Access:
$500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1-20 officers)
$600 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 21-50 officers)
$750 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 51 to 150 officers
$1500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 151-250 officers)
$2000 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 251- 500 officers)
$2500 (500 to 1000 officers)
$3000 (PPO’s/PSE’s with over 1000 officers)
ASSOC / PSTF – $1500 Initial Payment

Renewal Fees for Year Two and Beyond:
$100 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 1-50 officers)
$150 (51 to 150 officers)
$250 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 151-250 officers)
$300 (PPO’s/PSE’s with 251-500 officers)
$400 (500 to 1000 officers)
$500 (PPO’s/PSE’s with over 1000 officers)
$300 Subscription Rate ASSOC / PSTF

All modules include course handbook, test, answer key and instructor’s presentation.

CALSAGA Training Materials are only available to purchase by CALSAGA members.

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As a reminder, access to the CALSAGA Security Officer Training Database – a compliment to the CALSAGA Training Modules –  is included with your membership dues! Once you have trained your officers, the database allows you to track their training and to generate BSIS-compliant certificates. Click here to learn more or contact Kate at

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