The situation in our state, our country and our world is unprecedented. As an association, we want to support you however we can.

CALSAGA recommends that you draft a letter for your officers to carry on their person while on duty. Depending on your area, it may be required by local law enforcement, other civilian authorities or potentially military personnel to justify employee movement; it may also provide some reassurance to your officers. The letter should include the following:

  • Company Name

  • Confirmation that the person in possession of the letter is a representative of the company and is providing essential physical security, safety and/or critical support services

  • Contact information for the purpose of validating or confirming the services being provided and/or employment status

We are receiving word from our insurance partners that many companies are submitting cancellation requests. As a reminder, insurance is required for PPOs even if they are not operating. Cancellation of your insurance policy will result in a suspension of your PPO license which is considered a disciplinary action.

Need to Subcontract?

We understand that while there are CALSAGA members who are experiencing officer deficits there are also those with officers available to work! We have set up a page on our website which will list the contact information of companies with which you may subcontract.

Subcontracting due to COVID-19

If you would like to have your contact information included on that page email

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