There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on you, your families and your businesses. We have heard from many of you that your companies are struggling with a deficit of officers. CALSAGA is working hard to advocate on your behalf. On Monday CALSAGA President David Chandler had a call with Governor Gavin Newsom’s office during which Chandler asked for the governor to reinstate Temporary Guard Registrations through an Emergency Order. This would allow an individual applying for a Guard Card to attest to not being convicted of a crime (or out on bail). A security company could then issue a Temporary Work Permit valid for sixty days during which time BSIS could process the application for a permanent Guard Card. This temporary work permit would also delay the initial training requirement of 8 hours and the Live Scan for sixty days. We will keep you informed as the situation develops.

In the interim of a decision from the Governor’s Office, CALSAGA is working with the BSIS to help you get officers to work as soon as possible. Chief Lynne Andres is agreed to work with CALSAGA to expedite the processing of new Guard Cards. (**Updated to Add: As of 6/1/2020, the BSIS has resumed all normal application processing activities.)

CALSAGA will reach out the BSIS on your behalf; guard cards should be processed within a few days. Our advocacy in this regard is available exclusively to current CALSAGA members as a benefit of membership.

Expedited Guard Cards for Officers Working for CALSAGA Member Companies:

      • Submit new Guard Card applications online through BreEZe
        • Existing requirements for training and Live Scan are still in place.
      • Email the following information to
        • Company Name and Contact Phone Number
        • Officer First and Last Name
        • Officer Date of Birth
        • Officer Social Security Number
        • ATI Number

Other updates from the BSIS:

BSIS is experiencing significant phone delays. Should you need to contact the BSIS please email rather than calling.

BSIS utilizes Psychological Services Industries (PSI) to administer written examinations for applicants for licensure and provide photo identification cards for select licensees. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in California, please be advised that some PSI testing centers, especially those in the Bay Area, may be closed. Visit live updates regarding PSI testing centers. Questions regarding closures can be directed to PSI Candidate Support Services at (877) 392-6422 or