The 2021 third quarter edition of The Californian: The Quarterly Newsletter of CALSAGA is now available!

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The 2021 second quarter edition of The Californian: The Quarterly Newsletter of CALSAGA is now available!

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Make plans to attend this free webinar presented by CALSAGA Legal Advisors Barry Bradley, Esq. and Jaimee Wellerstein, Esq. of the firm of Bradley & Gmelich. They will present information that you need to make sure that your business is in compliance with state and federal law as well as answer your legal questions.

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Due to the ongoing pandemic the CALSAGA Board of Directors has made the decision to hold the 2021 Annual Conference in a virtual format.

The event will take place October 20th – 21st.

More information will follow.

The 2021 first quarter edition of The Californian: The Quarterly Newsletter of CALSAGA is now available!

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Breaking News Regarding COVID-19

Today Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the California Department of Public Health has ended the regional Stay-at-Home order which was announced in December. The state will now revert to the Blueprint tier system. All but 4 counties in California are currently in the most restrictive purple tier.

Learn more about current restrictions.

Even with the Stay-at-Home order lifted, it is important that all of your officers carry their Guard Card at all times while on duty and while traveling to and from work. Please extend this reminder to your team.

CALSAGA will continue to update you on matters that effect you and your business. We appreciate the hard work of you and your employees. Please let us know what we can do to assist you.

Stay in the know! The next edition of The Californian: The Quarterly Newsletter of CALSAGA will be available on Monday, February 1st. You can also review all past editions of The Californian.

We hope that your 2021 is off to a great start.
Keep reading for important updates and training opportunities.

Vaccine Distribution

As we reported last month, CALSAGA President David Chandler made a formal request to Governor Gavin Newsom for private security industry personnel to be placed in the same tier for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution as law enforcement and first responder personnel. Review CALSAGA’s Request to Governor Gavin Newsom

Our current understanding is that private security will be included in Tier 1B. Individuals 65 and older are also in Tier 1B and are now able to receive the vaccine. Once we receive further information about the full rollout of Tier 1B, we will inform members.

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CALSAGA’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training received an update for 2021!
Produced in partnership with Anne Laguzza of The Works Consulting, this training complies with The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Section 12950.1
As a reminder, employees and supervisors of all companies in California with 5 or more employees must complete Sexual Harassment Training every two years.

Purchase Sexual Harassment Training

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Register Now for Security University Lite Webinar

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Did You Know?

The CALSAGA Charitable Foundation was established for the benefit of the employees and family members of CALSAGA member companies. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide financial support for college education and continuing professional education, as well as providing financial assistance to those CALSAGA members, member employees, and their families who suffer severe injuries or casualties.

In 2020 the CALSAGA Charitable Foundation contributed funds to assist with transporting the body of a security officer who was killed in the line of duty and provided financial support to security officers who lost their homes due to wildfires.

CALSAGA appreciates your help in creating and maintaining a fund which will allows us to do the aforementioned.

Contribute to the CALSAGA Charitable Foundation

As an association we strive to keep you up-to-date on relevant information for your business. Please review the information below from Jaimee Wellerstein of CALSAGA Legal Advisor Bradley & Gmelich and Anne Laguzza of CALSAGA Network Partner The Works Consulting regarding ensuring that your Employee Handbook is 2021 ready

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Dear CALSAGA Member:

It is time to review your Employee Handbook!

Although it is recommended that you review and update your Employee Handbook annually, as California law continually changes, 2021 brings with it particularly important and unique new considerations and requirements. Here are just some key changes:

  • New Expanded Employee Leave Requirements: Effective January 1, 2021, the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) will now apply to employers having as few as five employees (before, it applied only to larger employers with 50 or more employees), and will also expand and extend leave rights to employees who care for grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, adult children, and other family members with serious medical conditions.
  • New COVID-19 Leave Provisions: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave laws were passed earlier this year, providing expanded emergency family and medical leave, as well as emergency paid sick leave. While they were originally set to expire at the end of 2020, it looks like the pandemic will require these leave provisions to be extended into the new year. If you haven’t already implemented FFCRA and COVID-19 sick leave policies and incorporated them into your Employee Handbook, now is the time to do so.
  • Cal/OSHA Workplace Safety Plans: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere any time soon. With COVID-19 has come a wave of new workplace safety rules, Cal/OSHA compliance standards, and COVID-19 prevention and reporting requirements. If you haven’t already developed a Cal/OSHA compliant workplace safety plan, this should be a priority.

We are fast approaching the end of this unprecedented year, and if you haven’t started your compliance review and updates yet, it may be a little challenging to complete it by the beginning of the year. So, what should you do? Never fear, help is here!

  • First, review your entire Employee Handbook cover to cover and make sure that any internal policy or practice changes are accurately reflected in your written materials.
  • Next, engage an employment attorney or human resources consultant to review the Employee Handbook and incorporate any new requirements in regards to revised and/or new laws and regulations.
  • Then, finalize the Employee Handbook and re-distribute to all employees.
  • Obtain signed acknowledgement forms from each employee confirming receipt of the Employee Handbook, At-will Employment and Harassment Prevention policy.
  • Finally, ensure that you train your staff and/or management personnel to implement the policies and practices set out in the Employee Handbook, and seek guidance or counsel from your employment attorney or human resources consultant if you require any clarification.

This year, maybe more than ever, employers should make the review of company policies and procedures a top priority!

Jaimee Wellerstein, Partner and Employment Team Head, Bradley & Gmelich LLP and Anne Laguzza, CEO, The Works Consulting are available to discuss how they can help support your business through this process.

Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq.
Bradley & Gmelich LLP

Anne L. Laguzza, M.A.
The Works Consulting

Breaking News Regarding COVID-19

On Thursday, December 3rd Governor Gavin Newsom announced a Regional Stay at Home Order. The order will go into effect within 48 hours in regions with less than 15% ICU availability. As of today, the order has not been extended to any region but is expected to be enacted within a few days. Once enacted, the order will be in place for 3 weeks.

Learn more about the Regional Stay at Home Order


As a reminder, the private security industry is classified as essential. Included as one of the sixteen Critical Infrastructure Sectors, the Emergency Services Sector website states:

The ESS also includes private sector resources, such as industrial fire departments, private security organizations, and private emergency medical services providers.

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In March CALSAGA recommended that you draft a letter for your officers to carry on their person while on duty. We are now issuing that recommendation again.

Depending on your area, it may be required by local law enforcement, other civilian authorities or potentially military personnel to justify employee movement; it may also provide some reassurance to your officers. The letter should include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Confirmation that the person in possession of the letter is a representative of the company and is providing essential physical security, safety and/or critical support services
  • Contact information for the purpose of validating or confirming the services being provided and/or employment status

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CALSAGA will continue to update you on matters that effect you and your business. We appreciate the hard work of you and your employees. Please let us know what we can do to assist you.

Stay in the know! Read the latest edition of The Californian: The Quarterly Newsletter of CALSAGA. You can also review all past editions of The Californian.