We wanted to reach out and make you aware that our organization has been undergoing a rather expansive transition for the last 6 months.  We have made a commitment to our members and have updated our infrastructure in order to provide the best possible experience.  We have revamped our website, membership management system and email system.  These systems are now up and running smoothly.

We are also excited that we have launched our “Find a Member” page. This page can be used to look up our Members by name, service type and/or service area.  We are only disclosing the Company and Member Name, Company Address and Company Website as we take releasing any of your information very seriously.  We have also included an “Opt Out” button if you would NOT like to be included in our membership directory.

As part of this process, you all should have received a Membership Verification email.  This email included login information in which you can edit your company information (including what services you offer and where, whether you are a MBE/WBE owned business, whether you would like to be included in our “Find a Member” page as well as updating all your contact information).

In order to have accurate information for the searches, we would appreciate you completing the information on your Membership Verification page.  We hope this page will serve as a great resource for all.

Check out our “Find a Member” page at: https://calsaga.org/find-a-member/

To complete your information, please login at: https://calsaga.org/membership/ or contact kris@calsaga.org for Login information.

We look forward to more great things to come.