Team Software, CALSAGA Network Partner

Drastic economic shifts can happen with little or no warning. When they do occur, your security business needs to be able to stabilize operations. One thing to help keep your business operations stable, efficient and streamlined is a technology solution. When implemented and leveraged correctly, a holistic software solution tailored to your business’ industry can ensure your company weathers the impact of an economic change.

As recent global emergencies have shown, having access to your company’s data, workforce management solutions and messaging capabilities are crucial to maintaining uninterrupted operating procedures.


Global access

The first step in having a software solution that can be an asset during times of instability is making sure your software solution can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Guards, front- and back-end staff and even C-suite executives need access to the right tools at any given moment. It’s crucial to optimize workforce management through a holistic software solution so employees working remotely have global access to files, data and other day-to-day information needed to keep your business running smoothly.

This is possible with cloud-based, mobile software. Even during stable working conditions, an industry-specific cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) tool can foster connectivity, productivity and workforce efficiency by being accessible via the web rather than localized installations.


Vendor-provided infrastructure

One of the benefits of implementing a SaaS solution is your service provider should shoulder much of the day-to-day infrastructure of your software solution, whether that be maintenance and patches, released product upgrades or automated data back-ups.

Assuming your guards have access to a mobile device, a holistic software solution with mobile technology capabilities grants your back office the ability to be in constant communication with them.

The right tools for your security company can provide real-time visibility over your distributed workforce and proof of service for your customers, while granting your employees access to workforce management tools from anywhere at any time.

When used properly, a holistic software solution ensures you have access to everything you need to handle what you’re facing at any given moment. For additional information on navigating your business through a time of crisis, download the Using Technology to Help Your Security Business During a Crisis eBook from TEAM Software.