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For small companies with distributed workforces, like the contract security industry, site level visibility, managing hourly staff and keeping communication lines open are key areas that can make or break the business. While spreadsheets, emails and texts can suffice for a while, those tools typically aren’t sustainable, growth-enabling or without complexity. For Alianza Security Professionals, a small, private security company based in Dallas, Texas, setting and delivering on high standards is the company’s competitive differentiator. By developing a distinct culture of service and accountability along with adopting security industry-focused technology solutions to support it, the up-and-coming company has gained a foothold in the Texas security market with 11 guards and more than 10 service locations.

Alianza uses Silvertrac’s guard touring solution combined with a new field workforce management toolset for small contractors called Q by TEAM Software. Q enables companies to direct, set and track the operations of their distributed workforce. As an always-on solution, Q helps manage and track productivity, open up communication and retain the employees who are making an impact. In other words, Q strongly aligns with Alianza’s strategic goals, supporting accountability in the field, more communication and, ultimately, better results.

“There are a few problems within the security industry, and they are massive. I know the pain points,” explained J.D. Torres, Alianza Principal and Founder. “Guards are asleep on the job or leaving the property. They don’t show up. They’re late, or don’t know when to show up.

“The biggest benefit of Q so far has been the scheduling piece and the ability for staff to clock in and out on site,” Torres continued. “It’s an accountability tool for them to know when they need to be on site, and I want to make sure my staff have the tools to be successful.”

A technology solution along with appropriate processes help boost the reliability and service quality of Alianza’s workforce. In addition, for Torres, simplicity is key along with a basic set of features, including the ability to communicate the schedule and see who is onsite and on time, in real time.

“The scheduling functionality is cut and dry and much simpler than the previous scheduling software I had been using,” Torres said. “Q really fits my needs right now, especially for my industry.”

With Q’s streamlined scheduling and time and attendance capabilities, Alianza can capitalize on its promise of accountability to customers. Plus, proactively managing the schedule benefits the company in many ways, including overtime prevention, better site coverage and accurate customer billing.

“This is the tool that we depend on, and I tell [our prospective customers] the value that it brings,” said Torres. “I put both Q and Silvertrac in my sales deck. I’m telling my clients what differentiates us in the market, and that’s accountability.”

Along with right-sized, industry-specific technology, Torres and partners back up their accountability promise to clients by building a culture around delivering on high expectations. According to Torres, that helps them win business when up against bigger, more established firms.

“It’s the difference between McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A. The culture is different, and training is different, but price point is the same,” he said.

Torres explained that Alianza builds their culture and reputation through smart hiring practices, focusing on people eager to grow and pairing skills and experience with the right position.

“I have a different recruiting effort,” said Torres. “I’m not interested in someone who has worked a foot-patrol post for five years. Those people have figured out how to cut corners, and they aren’t interested in growing or moving up. I’d rather have someone who is new to the industry, and who understands what my expectations are.”

Torres and his team also see a need at sites for a bilingual workforce in the Dallas area to bridge communication gaps and ensure continuity among all services providers.

“We’re building a bilingual workforce because there’s a huge disconnect between janitorial contractors, day porter staff and the security staff due to language barriers,” he noted. “They’re handing off important things, like keys, and no one knows what the other is saying.”

Torres and his team have their fingers on the pulse of the security industry. That’s apparent through their approach to service as well as in their hiring practices. And, as an original beta  customer, Alianza has provided pivotal input and feedback on Q to ensure the solution serves the needs of the small market security contractor.

“It was a crazy kind of thing. We [at Alianza] were developing our security offering at the same time TEAM was developing the Q product,” Torres said. He also knew TEAM Software and had  used TEAM’s signature ERP software, WinTeam, before, too. So, there was a familiarity and natural alignment throughout the  beta experience.

“I felt like we had a partnership with TEAM right from the start,” he said. “TEAM seems like it’s a part of my company. That’s where the real value is. And, that’s who I want to be for my clients. I want to give them the kind of service that TEAM is giving us.”


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