From Putting Out Fires to Addressing Issues Before They Happen

Jordan Wallach, Belfry Software, Associate Member

Managing all the pieces of a successful security operation is challenging. From recruiting, hiring, and training employees to scheduling, billing clients, and retaining employees, all these elements are interconnected and impact one another. When just one aspect falters, it affects the entire operation and leads to a negative client experience.

Unfortunately, most companies in the security guard services industry rely on fragmented systems to evaluate the health of their business. This leads to a reactive approach, where issues are addressed only after they arise. The problem here is that it doesn’t reduce the risk of these issues happening in the first place – driving you to constantly be putting out fires.

But having one integrated system isn’t enough – it needs to be intuitive for everyone on your staff and it needs to meaningfully save them time. Moreover, it needs to enable proactive, informed decisions, reducing the risk of issues arising in the first place. True business intelligence requires harnessing your company’s data and putting it to work across multiple functions.

For example, imagine having a system that schedules your officers and also processes their payroll. This way, you can match up timesheets exactly with the hours that were supposed to be worked – reducing payroll processing time from 3 days to 3 hours. By tracking officer performance across all areas, you could highlight great service to clients and provide training where needed. And with accurate billing generated from the same system, you can get paid quickly and on time.

Belfry has been solving these problems for customers across California and the US with the industry’s most modern application. Our goal is to help you turn data into actionable business intelligence, beginning to spend more time with your customers and less time putting out fires.

Jordan Wallach is the Co-Founder and CEO of Belfry, the modern operating system for security guard services companies and a CALSAGA Member. Prior to founding Belfry, Jordan was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and a Product Manager at Microsoft, building software used by millions of people worldwide. He has a bachelor’s degree in Data Science from Stanford University.