Sexual Harassment Training

Virtual Training – Employee & Supervisor Harassment Training
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This new training will help you to effectively and efficiently complete your harassment training requirements for 2019! 

CALSAGA has developed an interactive, video-on-demand sexual harassment training for both employees (1 hour) and supervisors (2 hours) with The Works Consulting. The training meets all of the requirements of the newly implemented California legislation. A Training Certificate will be provided to each individual who completes the webinar and will be emailed to the purchaser of the training upon participant completion.

The new law states: Effective January 1, 2019 SB1343 requires all employers with 5 or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees. The deadline for compliance with the initial training requirement is January 1, 2020.

Employers must provide:

Supervisory employees with 2 hours of training every 2 years

Nonsupervisory employees with 1 hour of training every 2 years

Both supervisory and nonsupervisory employees must be trained within 6 months of hire (or promotion in the case of a supervisor).

Beginning January 1, 2020, seasonal and temporary employees, or any employee that is hired to work for less than 6 months must receive sexual harassment prevention training within 30 days of hire or within 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first. If the temporary employee is employed by a temporary services employer, the temporary services employer is responsible for the training, not the client.

Sexual Harassment Training is not transferrable between companies – even with a certificate of completion. You are responsible for training all staff as per the guidelines above.

Once purchased through our website, the purchaser will immediately receive an email including a link to each training session purchased. One link per employee can be forwarded to those who will complete the training. Once they are finished with the program in its entirety, a certificate will be emailed back to the purchaser. Also included in this completion email will be a full report on all training purchased – including which keys have been activated and/or completed.

Training purchases are final. No refunds will be issued.

A volume discount is available with the following pricing:

  • Employee Training (1 hour)

    $21/person – 1-4 employees
    $20/person -5-9 employees
    $19/person 10-49 employees
    $17/person 50+ employees

  • Supervisor Training (2 hours)

    $40/person – 1-4 employees
    $35/person -5-9 employees
    $30/person 10-49 employees
    $25/person 50+ employees

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